Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Farewell To Against the Current For Now or Forever

Dear Readers,
You are probably aware of the fact that I have not been posting much for months now. I am far too busy with work and chores to devote time to maintaining this blog. I began Against The Current about four years ago with the intention of being an example of just one of many Christians who have followed the Lord. Just like you, I have similar experiences and struggles. I shared my conversion testimony, my theological journey, spiritual pit experience and how God pulled me out of it, and the call of God on my life to be a missionary and related struggles. I have been struggling much regarding my call to be a missionary and honestly I am weary of trying to obey the Lord in this regard. Throughout my Christian life I had the conviction that the Lord would use me to be a missionary and in doing so show to all looking on that He is able to use even the unlikeliest of people to fulfill His purposes. I have been blasted with doubts for months now concerning the validity of the call and I am weary of resisting it.  This is not the ending I would have wanted for Against the Current, but I am going to quit writing my story now. I have so many doubts now that the Lord would use me as I believed He would that I do not think it is edifying to the church to continue this blog. But I believe that there is still a glimmer of hope that He would, but until He works in my life in an evident way concerning the call I will no longer post on Against the Current.  Perhaps this is but an interlude and I will be writing again.  Farewell, for now or forever.
In Christ,
Committed Christian- Stephanie Marie


Eddie Eddings said...

Enjoyed your blog. God bless all that you do and may your life be richly blessed by His grace.

Susan said...

Hi Stephanie,

Whatever happens you are in the Lord's strong but gentle hands. When we are at our weakest then He is at His strongest to deliver you from the things that would harm you. Sometimes I fail to see the direction the Lord would have me go, but I always end up there (where He wants me to be) so just trust that will happen, and He will see you to that point (and it might not be where you thought you were supposed to be, but God's plans are always so much better than what we thought it should be, so hey! I'm not complaining)

Praying that you will stay strong and true during these troubling times. Hopefully the Lord is coming soon. From the signs that I see all around us I do honestly believe He will come in my lifetime. :)

Committed Christian said...

Thank you Eddie and Susan for your encouraging comments! I pray that the Lord would also continue to bless you both richly spiritually as you follow Him! And I look forward to the Lord's return so much and saying goodbye to all the trials I endure.